Opening a New Business?

If you are opening a business there are a few steps to lawfully operate a business within the Village.  Businesses do not need a general business license; however, there is a required New Business Process. Separate regulations apply for home-based businesses to legally operate within the Village. If you have any questions, call the Community Development Department at (847)-741-3894.

All new businesses must go through the New Business process. All businesses owners interested in locating in the Village and plan to move into an existing building must complete a New Business Worksheet.

Opening a Home-Based Business?

The Village does not require a business license, however, if you are thinking of operating a business from your home there are important regulations you need to know. Home-based businesses can only be established in a residential district if they meet the following limitations. A home-based business is permitted within any dwelling unit in the Village as part of a principal or accessory structure provided that the following standards are met.

  • Residential Character. The location and operation of the home–based business shall not alter the residential character of the dwelling.
  • Uses. Examples of allowed home-based businesses include, but are not limited to, artist, consultant, counselor, craftsperson, designer, tutor, writer, and instructor of music, craft, or fine art.
  • Sales. No on-site retail or wholesale transactions are allowed.
  • Hours of Operation. Home-based businesses with outside visitors may be allowed to operate from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM.
  • Residency of Operator. The operator of the home–based business shall reside in the dwelling unit in which the home occupation is located.
  • Employees. One additional employee who does not reside in the dwelling unit is allowed for a home-based business.
  • Visitors. A maximum of four visitors (clients, customers, pupils, etc.) associated with the home–based business may be present at any given time.
  • Parking. Any parking needs associated with the home-based business shall be accommodated on-site within an existing driveway or garage.
  • Deliveries. Deliveries and shipments are not allowed to or from the premises, with the exception of carriers that typically provide service to residential neighborhoods, such as the U.S. Postal Service and/or express shipping services (UPS, FedEx, DHL).
  • Signs. Signs for home-based businesses are permitted in accordance with § 156.10.D.1 (Permanent Signs Exempt from Permit Requirement).

Limitations on home-based businesses are listed in the Village’s Zoning Ordinance 156.07.D.5 . If you suspect someone may be violating the home-based business regulations discussed above please call the Community Development Department.